Our aim is for everyone to become an active part of their own professional and personal life. We aspire to help organisations create a trusting, cooperative, involved, authentic and responsible climate for all the company agents.
In the end, our goal is to create the most favourable conditions to boost people’s own development as well as to boost the organisations’ collective growth in order to generate more humane relations and productivity.


WHAT IS the Human Element® ?

The Human Element is a different approach to the development of leadership and collective performance designed for companies. Its aim is to create a humanist work environment, which is both responsible and open. This approach allows individuals and teams to reduce rigid behaviours, to work in a climate of trust and to significantly increase the organisations’ effective performance.

Developed in the United States by Will Schutz, Psychology PhD and statistician, the Human Element is an innovative, simple and efficient teaching method that is currently used by the biggest international organisations.

THE BENEFITS of the Human Element®

You will discover that “getting to know yourself” is the best way to understand yourself and to understand others. It is the first step to assert your leadership. Self-awareness will also allow you to overcome relational and organisational difficulties.

Here are the main benefits of the Human Element approach:

  • Develop your interpersonal flexibility
  • Gain more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • React positively to change
  • Develop authenticity by learning to be yourself
  • Be more responsible, active and productive
  • Increase individuals’ and teams’ motivation
  • Cooperating more efficiently
  • Create more agility so as to develop collective efficiency
  • Reinforce cohesion between the teams
  • Work in a trusting environment
  • Form efficient and collaborative teams
  • Generate productivity
  • Set up a client-oriented organisation.



You are a company executive, a manager, a human resources manager, formation manager, or an associate and you would like to invest in human connections in order to create motivated and efficient work teams.

You have professional support skills (you are a consultant, a coach, a tutor, a therapist…) or you are part of any other kind of independent activity, and you wish to develop your expertise and to acquire a new leadership development guide.

You are a private individual and you wish to take care of the development of your own potential by working on your social skills. You wish to improve your relational, behavioural skills and to strengthen your self-confidence and your self-esteem.


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